Termite Control Cincinnati Ohio

Pest Control companies in Cincinnati have access to quality safe chemicals that are not for sale to the general public. Chemicals used today are very safe and effective against general pest’s which may be a problem in Cincinnati homes. They are generally plant based, have no odors, no staining, rain fast and continue working many months after their initial application. Prices and services vary from Cincinnati termite control companies so check what’s included in their quotes, most Pest Control companies do provide a free service warranty periods.

How Best to prepare your Cincinnati home before a visit from your Pest Control Provider in Cincinnati, Ohio:

  • Pick up all toys and clothes from the floor giving good access to your skirting boards.
  • Don’t hang clothes out on the washing line.
  • Don’t leave any food or cutlery out.

There is no need to empty out your kitchen cupboards these days as most companies apply a highly effective cockroach gel bait to help eliminate pest’s.

Do not have any other tradesmen or cleaners booked in at the same time as you intend to have your pest control service done.

Some tip’s on General Pest’s


The main cockroaches found in houses kitchens apartments restaurant are the small light brown German cockroach. They prefer the warmth of kitchens and they nest behind fridges, dishwashers, bins, and toasters. If you have a cockroach problem it is best to have it treated as can they breed quickly and can spread germs and diseases in your home.

Large cockroaches are often seen in homes these could be the Australian Cockroaches, American Cockroaches, Smokey Brown or Oriental Cockroaches, they general live in roof voids,weep holes and feed outside on green matter.

To help control cockroaches:

    • Try and eliminate their food and water source.
    • Wipe down Benches, clean out toasters, keep bin area’s neat and clean, clean up crumbs.
    • Keep food in fridges or stored tightly in containers.
    • Try not to bring home cupboard boxes from hardware stores as roaches often place their eggs amongst them.

If you need Pest Control service for your home or business in Cincinnati get a few quotes from your local Pest Control Businesses.


To eliminate ants you need to eliminate the queen and the nest, if the pest controller can find the nest they can treat the nest with sprays or baits to help eliminate the ants. To discourage ants from entering your home eliminate their food and water source, don’t leave food out, try to keep food in containers, and keep bin areas clean.  Don’t leave pet food out.


Spiders are a natural part of our environment and play an important role in the control of insects in and around our homes. To help control spiders entering our home pest controllers apply a residual spray around the interior and exterior of your home, they may also apply a dust into your roof void.

Seal any cracks and crevices around your home and place rolled up towels or door stoppers under your doors. Even the largest huntsman spider can flatten its body to sneak through tiny gaps.

Keep your lawn mowed, bushes well pruned and yard clear of debris. This will reduce shelter for both spiders and the insects they eat. Wear gloves and shoes when gardening, handling bushes or walking about an night.


Common rodents found in many homes are the House mouse, Norway Rats and Roof Rats. Rodents are prolific breeders and a small problem may lead to major infestations.

Rodents need to constantly gnaw their teeth and as such cause damage to your home as they gnaw on furniture, food, books, buildings and wires which could lead to fire. Rodents also carry many germs and diseases which they easily spread among your home.

A pest controller will inspect your home and determine the extent of your problem. Common treatments today involve rodent baiting, this could be baiting in your roof void and placing lockable rodent bait boxes around your premises.
To discourage rodents from your home practice good sanitation methods, keep kitchen and house clean, keep food in containers, don’t leave pet food out , keep bin area’s clean, trim branches away from roofs and gutters, patch up access holes and keep lawns and gardens clean.

Termites – Building and Pest Inspections
With 1 in 4 homes experiencing termite problems it is generally recommended to have your property inspected at least once a year for termites. If you have found any termites in or around your home it is best leave them alone and call in a local pest controller qualified in termite control to control the situation.

To make your home less attractive to termites:

  • Dont have leaky taps or air conditioners near your home termites require moisture.
  • Dont have timber or wood stacked up against your home.
    Avoid using mulch or wood chips in gardens up against your home.
  • Do regular checks yourself around your home, check weep holes, check damp walls inside your homes, look out for peeling paint, hollow sounding wood when tapped, gaps or crumbling in wood beams.
  • Remember it’s best to leave termites and all major pest problems to your qualified Cincinnati Pest Control company.

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